All of our services are free-of-charge to moms, dads, and participants.


We have licensed medical personnel who test all pregnancies using medical grade test kits and perform health assessments for expectant mothers. One of the most incredible tools we have in our ministry is the ability to provide parents facing an unplanned pregnancy with a glimpse of the life that is growing within the mother. The heartbeat of the growing child is often the deciding factor on whether they will choose to allow that life to continue. All medical services are provided by licensed medical professionals.


All our patients meet with an advocate who takes the time to listen and lets the client know that we are here to walk beside them as they face a new reality. Advocates and medical professionals provide options education and referrals for services based on patient needs.

The staff at PHC recognizes that reproductive loss takes a heavy toll on both individuals and families. The advocates at PHC are always available to talk and can refer patients to specific resources based upon their individual needs. For information on healing resources associated with miscarriage, click here.

Pathway to Parenting

With classes in both English and Spanish, PHC is among only a few clinics that offer parent education. Parents to-be are assigned a mentor and enrolled in our parenting education program where they have an opportunity to earn baby bucks and “purchase” clothes, diapers, cribs, car seats and other items needed for their baby.


Our “ImWaiting” team visits local high schools, youth organizations, and Camp Pendleton MCB and presents a STD and teen pregnancy prevention education program that focuses on the physical, emotional, and relational consequences of sexual activity outside of marriage.


PHC has a faith-based program designed to help patients who have experienced emotional trauma associated with an abortion. For more information, click here.

For additional information on healing resources associated with abortion, click here.


Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” Whether your goal is to give back, make a difference, learn new skills, or change someone’s life, we have opportunities available for you to get involved and share your gifts with others.

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