There are so many people who walk through life never feeling loved. Their life choices are often a result of that fact. We believe that love is our greatest tool for accomplishing our mission. We love our clients from the first moment they board our mobile clinic, call on the phone, visit our client website, or walk through the doors of our center. We continue to show them love and establish relationships with our clients through follow up phone calls, through Earn While You Learn Classes, and through the process of resourcing them. It has been wonderful through the years to hear them voice their appreciation for that love.

Every time you send in financial support, you help us give an ultrasound, share the gospel, save a baby, save a soul, and provide education and resources to mothers as they prepare to be parents. Most importantly, you help us show our clients love. Your gift of any amount is important to this ministry. You can be fulfilled in the knowledge that your contributions help save lives.

Will you invest in LIFE today with a donation?

It takes about $400 to serve one new client, and $1600 a day to keep our medical center and mobile clinic running and saving lives.

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